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Art Market

Business and legal advisory services on all aspects of art transaction.

Art Law Education

Agart delivers educational services with a particular focus on art law and how it affects the global art market and its players.


Agart assists established and underrepresented artists on all aspects of their business and promotion of their work.


What our clients say

“Over the past 5 years, Agart has consistently provided insightful and engaging contributions to a range my programmes at Sotheby's Institute of Art, including intelligently exploring art law topics such as ownership rights for contested cultural objects, intellectual property rights and transactional due diligence. I thoroughly endorse Agata's professionalism and authoritative understanding and clear communication of risks and opportunities within these specialist, and often complex, subject areas and look forward to continuing to work with her across these areas in the future“

Gareth Fletcher
Programme Director, MA Art Logistics, Sotheby's Institute of Art